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In the recent years I have designed some tools, which might be useful for some of you. Feel free to have a look and see if you can use any of these apps. I always appreciate feedback and comments. However, please consider that these tools were developed in my free time, so do not expect fully matured applications.
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  2. volkerjacob

    TPC Pro (Android Version)

    Hello Jan, found Your nice tool today - short question - how many and which aircraft registrations are available? Best Regards Volker
  3. Version 1.0.0


    As some of you may have noticed in the last few months it got quite quiet in the FSLabs forums. So I was wondering if the release of another Airbus simulation for another simulation platform may have had any impact on the flights performed with the FSLabs Airbus Series, I made a quick statistical analysis. The results of this analysis can be found in the attached report.
  4. You may remember that I asked for ADS-data to predict the parking positions for flights arriving at Frankfurt (EDDF). (https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/26791-transfer-message/&do=findComment&comment=213772) I was able to get in touch with a German authority which has access to the data needed. I received the data for all arriving flights to Frankfurt (EDDF) for the year 2019. I tried to predict the parking positions based on the aircraft type, the aircraft wake turbulence category, whether it is a holiday in Germany or Hesse, the departure airport, whether the departing airport belongs to the Schengen area, the temperature, the visibility, and the wind conditions. The H2O (www.h2o.ai) software with the Gradient Boosting Machine-model was used (https://docs.h2o.ai/h2o/latest-stable/h2o-docs/data-science/gbm.html). However, even after estimating a few million models with cross validation, no model was able to provide adequate estimations. Below you can find the Scoring history in tabular format for one of the better estimations: 1 0.101113 2 0.102423 3 0.103255 4 0.105761 5 0.107898 6 0.108273 7 0.110989 8 0.112574 9 0.118112 10 0.120291 As you can see, the first guess of the model is correct in only 10.11% (first row). Even if the model would be allowed to guess ten times, the probability to guess the parking position for arriving flights correctly is still just slightly higher than 12% (last row). Thus, there seems to be either a huge undetected influence (e.g. the next destination of an aircraft, which was not available from the data) or the position assignment is more or less random in the real world. In conclusion, as long as no other high frequency, real world data source becomes available, there is no way to estimate parking positions for arriving flights precisely. * However, as there is a “bug” in the code parsing the TELEX-messages, no Connex Infos are sent right now, anyway. (https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/31373-efb-and-connex/&do=findComment&comment=249614)
  5. Version 0.9.1


    Have you ever wondered what happens to your Landing Reports? Have you ever asked yourself, what are the most operated airports? Have you always been curious whether there is a difference between landings at night and day time? The attached report has all (or some) answers for you!
  6. Version 0.9.1


    Hello, in the past week I developed another small Android app, named Hoppies Clearance. The tool is able to answer PDC requests via your smartphone or tablet. It can also be a useful addition for those who want to receive PDC respones without having to use an online network. Please do not upload the file anywhere else! Feedback or comments are appreciated! Kind regards, Jan
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Attached you can find a PDF containing taxi in and taxi out times mostly for European airports. The data is derived from the progress reports from the Hoppie network log. The data may be useful when calculating the needed time and fuel when departing and/or arriving at an airport.
  8. Jan Stiebitz

    TPC Pro (Android Version)

    Hi Sinan, Thank you very much for your kind feedback. However, an iOS version is not planned. Kind regards, Jan
  9. Sinan Wächter

    TPC Pro (Android Version)

    Hey Jan! first of all thanks a lot for all the time you invest in these awesome tools! I just tested this app on my Phone (Glalaxy S8), which was a bit small of course, but loved the functionality. However it would be nicer on a bigger Screen. Is there an IOS Version for iPads planned any time soon? cheers and thanks again Sinan
  10. Version 0.9.1


    Hi everyone, I also developed a Windows version of TPC Pro (based on famous TPC by Roland Wukovits). Please note that, as I have no need for a Windows version, the GUI will never meet the same quality standards as the Android version. However, the calculations and database behind the Android and Windows versions are the same. Thus, LH, OS, LX, SN, TP as well as EW aircrafts are available. To run the software the following steps are necessary: 1.) The software needs the .Net-Framework 5.0 - You can download the framework from the following link. After downloading just follow the instructions: .Net-Framework 5.0 2.) Unzip the TPC_Pro.rar-folder. 3.) Make a double click on the TPC_Pro.exe (Do not move the TPC_Pro.exe out of the TPC_Pro-folder as otherwise the program will not start). Please do not upload the files anywhere else and do not use the program in real world aviation! If you have any suggestions for improvements or comments please feel free to get in touch! Kind regards, Jan
  11. Version 0.9.1


    Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence, I have been busy debugging and finalising the Android Version of TPC Pro (based on famous TPC by Roland Wukovits). As the old version was uncompatible with the new backend I also had to delete the old version of the app. This app is optimized for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Feel free to use the app on any Android device you like, however, please note that I am unable to provide support for other devices. In the meantime I have been adding more registrations to the database. So next to LH also OS, LX, SN, TP as well as EW are available now. Please do not upload the file anywhere else and do not use the program in real world aviation! If you have any suggestions for improvements or comments please feel free to get in touch! Kind regards, Jan
  12. Hi everyone, in the recent past I have tried out a few things regarding web development. As a small result, I transfered the Trim Calculator App from an Android App to an Web Application. For those of you interested, it can be found under the following link: http://6bf5de.online-server.cloud:8099/TrimCalc/Trim Kind regards, Jan
  13. Jan Stiebitz

    TPC Pro

    Hi, Actually I wanted to release the software today, however I have noticed, that there were some attacks on the server running the database. Thus, I have to invest a little bit of time in making the server more secure. I hope this will not take too long. Kind regards, Jan
  14. Stu Antonio

    TPC Pro

    How's it coming along?
  15. Jan Stiebitz

    TPC Pro

    Hi everyone, I thought you might appreciate a little status update: In the past week I was working on two features: 1.) The Modify button, which you can see on the GUI, is functional now (take a look at the attached screenshots).* 2.) I rented a server, made the server accessible from the outside, uploaded the necessary data, and made the resources callable. *Please note, I have no intentions to do the same for the MEL/CDL/Special-Button, as those items would have various effects on the performance calculations. What I have to do now is to rework the logic in the app itself to work with web services instead of a local database. Moreover, there are a few more things to do in regard to the server. Best regards, Jan
  16. Stu Antonio

    TPC Pro

    Sounds like a race against the FSL-sharklets-expansion-efb then If you need testers, drop me a line Viel Erfolg!
  17. Jan Stiebitz

    TPC Pro

    Hi Stu, sorry for the late response. I have two other projects I need to complete before I can continue my work on the TPC Pro. I expect to continue my work in a few weeks.
  18. Stu Antonio

    TPC Pro

    Really looking forward to this! Any ETA?
  19. Version 0.9.9


    Yet another PDF viewer, however tailored to my needs. The app supports navigating through PDF files by buttons (jump one page to the back/front, jump to the last/first page.) Zoom by pressing buttons. All functionalities are available by gestures as well, e.g. pinch to zoom etc. A night mode is also available. The tool uses the Android PDF Viewer library by barteksc: https://github.com/barteksc/AndroidPdfViewer The tool was designed for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 5S, thus there might be scaling errors when used on smaller or larger devices. Designed for Android. Do not use for real world operations! No warranty is given! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!
  20. Diogo S Ferreira

    TPC Pro

    Great News Jan !! I’m very happy to know that you continue your great work :)!! I’ve used your LPC software for years if you remember ;). Looking forward for this one ;)!! My Best Regards!! Diogo Ferreira
  21. Jan Stiebitz

    TPC Pro

    Version 0.0.1


    Based on the logic of TPC, I started to develop a tool providing some more values and improved GUI. However, there are a few things I need to improve: - Moving the database from an embedded SQLite to a MariaDB running on a remote server - Developing a backend logic to update the EOSIDs on a monthly basis - Improving calculation logics for the Second Segment-, Obstacle-limiting weights To be released soon™
  22. Jan Stiebitz

    Hoppies NL

    Version 0.9.9


    An android client, which connects to www.hoppies.nl. Thus, you are able to send (telex-) messages into an airplane's MCDU from your mobile phone. It is possible to request ads-c contracts and view position reports on an open street view map (https://www.openstreetmap.org) provided by Thunderforest (https://manage.thunderforest.com/). Designed for Android. No warranty is given! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!
  23. Version 0.9.9


    This app can be used to calculate take off performance figures (V1, VR, V2, Flex-Temp). The logic of this tool is based on the famous TPC-Tool by Roland Wukovitz (http://www.avsimrus.com/f/for-pilots-19/popular-calculator-to-calculate-takeoff-parameters-in-from-airbus-type-36340.html). Enhanced with options for Sharklets, Packs, and optimum flap config. My special thanks to Roland Wukovitz for providing me access to the original source code! Designed for Android. No warranty is given! Do not use for real world operations! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!
  24. Version 0.9.9


    This app can be used to calculate the landing distances based on multiple variables (Runway/weather condition, airplane configuration, approach type, etc.). Designed for Android. No warranty is given! Do not use for real world operations! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!
  25. Jan Stiebitz


    Version 0.9.9


    A simple checklist (only normal procedures), with the option to highlight your process within the checklist. Designed for Android. No warranty is given! Do not use for real world operations! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!
  26. Version 0.9.9


    This small tool calculates trim settings based on the Center of Gravity for the A319/A320/A321. Designed for Android. No warranty is given! Do not use for real world operations! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!

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