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Simon Dettling

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Simon Dettling


For flight planning with PFPX, I wanted to ask which Aircraft Templates for the A319-X and A320-X you are using. The Majority seems to use the ones from AIRLINER PERFORMANCE:

- A319-115 - CFM56-5B7
- A319-132 - V2524-A5
- A320-214 - CFM56-5B4
- A320-232 - V2527-A5

There also seems  to be an official Template from FSLabs, however only for the A320-X.

Did you modify any of the values in the Aircraft Editor, besides the Airline specific Cost Index? With the  ATSU functionallity, I just want all the Weights to match, so I don't get any differences for the weight / fuel figures.

I've also applied the updated Regex Assembly for PFPX, which seems to be still needed with v400.


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Sabine Meier

i use the fslabs  provided ones for the a320 and airlines for the a319. i dont modify the cost index but i do modify the weights and pax numbers so that they match up with the aircraft. the regex files isnt needed anymore to my recollection as so far all of my ZFW values have been correct.

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Markus Burkhard

You just need to make sure that the weights are consistent with each airframe (repaint) you use. These can be set to whatever the real airline or airframe uses, so you need to match them for maximum realism. 

Repaints either use the weights specified for that repaint if a reg config file is present. Or if not present, then the weights specified with the airline pack get used. If no airline pack present, then default weights are being used.

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Simon Dettling

Thank you for the answers. So if I don't use any Livery Specific nor Airline Pack specific weight configurations, then the default values from the Templates (e.g. AIRLINE PERFORMANCE) should already be correct?

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