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AP does not follow flight plan

Hatem Tajuddin

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Hatem Tajuddin

I have A320X and downloaded the latest update

Whenever I start a flight , the plane flies perfectly but later during flight , I find out the AP does not follow the assigned route despite that the route is already displayed and no alarms are visible at all whatsoever.

The AP button is found disengaged and I cannot engage it again. Then after a while the AP get engaged automatically but does not follow the planned route.

The Hdg/Trk control button does not turn to auto mode and I only control the direction through changing the heading manually and the plane turns into the indicated heading.

This problem occurs almost in every flight and occurs randomly at some stage of the flight.

All systems are running normally and no apparent error or fault.

If I disconnected the AP,  the plane responds to joystick movements

I disconnect the joystick but it does not solve the problem

I don't know what else to be checked.

Any help?



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