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New Support Ticket System and How to unlock write access in the A320 support forums...

Lefteris Kalamaras

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hello all,

You may have noticed that we have made a few changes in our Forums and Web Site recently, in our on-going efforts to streamline and simplify support for our current and prospective customers.


New Support Ticket System


If you have sent any emails to support (at) flightsimlabs (dot) com, you'll have discovered that they are now automatically entered in our new support ticket system. This will be our primary means of providing support to our customers going forward, as it guarantees that your issue will be noticed and responded to.

Our new support ticket system also provides a Knowledge Base with solutions to several issues already contained and more added every day.

Feel free to visit it at http://support.flightsimlabs.com if you need help with our product line.


A320-X Forum System


As part of those changes, the A320-X forums have now become read-only for all our registered members who have not (yet) verified ownership of the A320-X products (for FSX or P3D). Keep in mind that while we try hard to read and respond to all posts, if you really need help with something, we ask you to open a support ticket instead to be guaranteed a speedy reply.

Now - In order for a member to be able to post in the A320-X forums, we now ask that the following two requirements be met:

1) Change of your Display Name to your Real Name. To do this, click on your display name on the top right area of the forum, select "Account Settings" and click on "Display Name" on the left. Then, enter your real name as your new display name, as in the picture below:



2) Proof of A320-X product ownership.  

Please note this step is NO LONGER POSSIBLE.  It was ONLY for products purchased via esellerate.  
Fastspring serials will NOT work as the product is automatically added.

If you need assistance then please send an email to support@flightsimlabs.com.

To verify that you own one of our A320-X aircraft, click on your display name on the top right area of the forum, select "Account Settings" and click on "My Products" on the left. Then, enter your product information as in the picture below:  


Thank you once again for your continued support and appreciation of our hard work - it is exactly what makes us work hard to provide you with highest quality products now and in the future, with many more exciting things to come!

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