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Delete of software after RAM issues


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Head to Control Panel, select Programs and Features, find the FSL resources file and uninstall it. Find the binaries and uninstall it.

Now reinstall resources then binaries.

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Norman Blackburn
  • Go to the esellerate after sales page.
  • Enter your email at the bottom.
  • Once you have the order ID then use the top part, get your serial.
  • Go to the forum and register your product.  Change your forum name whilst there too please.
  • Go to our redownloads page and enter those details to get your product.
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Harvett Bradford

esellerate is not e-mailling me back my information . all my order information is in limbo and I can do nothing whit - out order information

I have asked esellerate to resolve this issues but as of yet they have not . Aging I reached out and gave esellerate a phone call and begged to take care of the problem and aging told me they where sorry but that they would personally see that the issue would be taken care  of and aging nothing . Now I have made a double purchase because I did now what was In my account . I have already purchased the A320 and purchased it aging this morning . Please refund that purchase to original source. thank you.

Harvett Bradford harvett.B@comcast.net

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Harvett Bradford

ST712751292  you cant find help anywhere I have been looking for help and a redownload for a week and no answer from you all because I am getting in touch whit the wrong source , esellerate well not give me support . how long well you take you ti get your ticket system ready you need rto do something until you get it fixed its taking so long to fix a web problem let me fix it you are too slow .

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Harvett-

our support team has repeatedly replied to your emails (to some of which you've also replied). To receive support in our forums, please verify your product following the announcement here, then please post in the appropriate forums.

To redownload the product you've purchased, please visit the redownload service here.

EDIT: Norman has provided redownload links above as well. Something wrong with that service perhaps?

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Harvett Bradford
On 2/7/2017 at 2:50 AM, Harvett Bradford said:

How do I reinstall Fs labs A 320?

It was never installed . your help request is not helping me at all .  No one should have to hunt down a download , I have never seen that . Please make your web a little user friendly. I cant find anything I need in here. Nothing. And I am getting an old version of the download and not version 4 for P3D . how do I update to the current version?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Harvett,

I am sorry for your troubles, but it seems that you're not following the instructions at all. Please read my post again about verifying your product.

Also - you are getting the FSX version of the download because you're entering the FSX order details. Please enter the P3Dv4 purchase details and you'll get the P3Dv4 version.

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