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Found 16 results

  1. Version 1.1.0


    Repaint of Eurowings A319-112 Former aircraft of Airberlin fleet. Since Feb. 2017 part of the EWG fleet, until Mar. 2018. Prepar3D v4 only || Read Readme.txt for instructions. Ships with real REG and SELCAL (can be found in description, when loading the acft). Happy landings!
  2. Andrea Passoni

    Concorde Repaint Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm new on the blog and I was just wondering if someone was kind enought to help me to understand how create new Concorde liveries with photoshop and with real images (like a tutorial). It will sure help others too and fill the repaint folder with new and interesting Concorde liveries! Thanks to everyone who will respond! Andrea =)
  3. Pascal Reinartz

    Swiss A319-112 [HB-IPV] v

    Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Swiss A319-112 Flying for Swiss since Mar. 2002. Prepar3D v4 only || Read Readme.txt for instructions. Ships with real REG and SELCAL (can be found in description, when loading the acft). Happy landings! PS: While painting I experienced some weird behaviour of FsLabs A319 at night. The aft section windows are just bright lightblue "things". THIS IS NOT A PAINT PROBLEM (Check on default FsLabs A319 Liverie [Pic 2], if you don´t trust me ). I think this problem occures, when you insert the camera fix, to fix the cockpit wall-looking win
  4. Maurice Mockert

    How to create a custom Repaint / Livery

    Hello together, can someone of you tell my how to create a custom livery for the Airbus A320-X from FlightSimLabs? I have already downloaded the Paintkit with the Photoshop files inside. But how can I create an installer, like you can download it in the fslabs forum / livery section? Thanks for you help in advance! Greetings and always 3 green
  5. Cameron Slater

    Air France F-BTSD Pepsi

    Hi everyone, Although there are many great repaints of Concorde out there, there's always been one we're slightly lacking in and it's perhaps the most vibrant one ever flown. I am of course referring to the famous Pepsi Concorde, I saw someone had made a version of it back in 2011 but as far as I know this person never released it so I thought I'd create my own version of it which hopefully is a more accurate version... I've just uploaded it to the Downloads section and I've put it up on Simviation. Here's some more info on that livery http://www.concordesst.com/history/events
  6. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron.
  7. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures View File Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron. Submitter Cameron Slater Submitted 08/06/17 Category Concorde-X Repaints  
  8. Matthew Gervais

    Few Concorde Repaints

    Been playing around with the repaint kit, here are a few of my results! one issue i have is at night it looks as if Air France textures are dimly visible. if anyone has any pointers on this it would be appreciated!
  9. Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to use the A320-X Paint kit? This is my first time repainting for P3d and need somewhat of instruction because I'm confused with how everything is laid out. Thanks
  10. the Concorde is my favorite jet ever and i love the Concorde x. I would buy the addon right away but there is one thing stopping me.its the BA union flag livery. It does not look like the real thing and that is why i use a different addon for the meantime. One thing I would like someone to do is please fix the union flag livery in some update you can download. even if its $10 extra. H the real union flag Concorde livery
  11. Guillaume L.

    British Airways Fleet

    Hi all, Following my AF fleet repaints, the BA fleet is finally here (after a long delay). What I've done : -Include the entire fleet (G-BOAA ; G-BOAB ; G-BOAC ; G-BOAD ; G-BOAE ; G-BOAF ; G-BOAG) with the correct SELCAL codes. -Added the correct registration for each aircraft both on the fuselage and the under wing. -Same goes for the 2 letters of the registration on the front landing gear door. -The fleet is available both in the Landor and Union flag liveries. Please note that I'm not a professional photoshop user nor repainter, therefore the registration font is not the real
  12. Guillaume L.

    Air France Fleet

    Hi all, Call me crazy but it bugged be to only have F-BVFB to fly with when it comes to AF Concorde. Sooo, I decided to repaint the whole fleet. Please note that I'm in no way a professional Photoshop user, so it's clearly not paywayre quality but still does the job nicely IMO... What I've done : -Include the entire fleet with correct registrations and SELCAL codes. -Changed the "Groupe Air France" logo with a photorealistic one. -Changed the underwing registration to make it look more realistic. -Added the red stripes on the wingtips. -Added correct registration letters on
  13. Jonathan Fong

    Virgin Atlantic Repaint

    I know this might not be the correct forum to post this, but since Virgin Atlantic attempted to purchase some Concordes before the decomissioning, would someone be able to create a semi-fictional livery for Virgin Atlantic based off of images online and either send me the files or put it up in the Downloads section of the forum? Here's a fictional image to start off with: Thanks in advance!
  14. oZZ

    Repaint Pre Prod Troubles

    Hello, I've got some troubles with the repaint Pre-Production from the forum. Oooh yes a Black one. I proceed like that to install the repaint : 1. In the FSX Main Folder/simobjects/airplanes/FSLabs BAe Concorde directory, I made a folder named 'texture.pre-production'. 2. I copied the contents of 'Concord X Pre-Production' file to the texture.pre-production. 3. I copied the contents which were to be copied into the aircraft.cfg file, only replacing the * in [fltsim.*] with the num 10. After that i've see the file 'texture.pre-production' contain only 12 files against 18 for
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