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Control issues


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How do I get the X52 from saitek to get the throttles to stay in idle and not go to reverse when control are put to Idle. Makes me think i wasted the money when its not cooperating

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I'm assuming you are talking about the A320 (neither the title of your post nor your post itself is explicit), you should have posted in the relevant aircraft forum, not the general one.

Have you read the Introduction manual? There is a whole part explaining how to setup your hardware to work with the detents.

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@ronprice46 - Please do not post in multiple forums the same issue...and with regard to the throttle issue... as Romain suggested.... please read the supplied manuals, and also please see the pinned FAQ post in the A320-X forum.

I'm locking this thread as future posts should be made in the A320-X forum.

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