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MSI Gaming Laptop Dead

Daniel Villava

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Daniel Villava

I'm writing this here to know if it has happened to anyone using an MSI laptop. It's a GE60 2PL that I bought in january 2015. It runs very nice for the FSX:SE, video editing and some games that I play. I never upgraded anything hardwarewise on the laptop and never overclocked it. It's still on warranty.

I had the latest nvidia drivers and had been using FSL's A320 a lot. With the 2024 textures installed, it ran with 15-20 FPS and I had been setting random failures in the last couple of days. It might had been a lot of pressure for the i7 2.5GHz processor, GTX850M video card and 8Gb of RAM. I was exiting a game when it suddenly shut down. I tried turning it on, but it didn't. I removed the battery and tried to turn it on on AC, but nothing. I tried with battery: nothing. I tried the internal power draining thing, but nothing.

i might have fried the GPU, but it has two. I might have fried the CPU, but I guess if either one of them had fried, at least the fans, etc would turn on. I'm suspecting either the motherboard or a power distributor that fried. I'm sending it to the MSI center at California in a couple of days.

Has anyone here has had a similar problem?

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