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Why does my UK2000 look dreary and grey?


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Hey guys!

I have today been having an issue with my UK2000 Heathrow scenery, where for some reason the grass and textures within it have just faded out and look bad, nothing compared to what it should look like.


I'm sure it's a problem with the textures themselves, this is UK2000 Stansted which still has green in its grass.


I know London is meant to be grey and depressing! But that's a little too far. 😂

Does anybody else have this issue or only me? I have tried a fresh reinstall.

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I guess these are just the fall textures. The only thing I can recommend you is to buy the aerosoft version of this airport :) It's better looking and produces better frame rates.

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Why don't you post that screenshot on the UK2000 forum? You'll get a fast response there.

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