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Affinity mask problem


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hi guys.

im having a i7 4790k HT on and i set affinity mask 84 in my fsx:se config. however i noticed, that CPU2 is at 100% all the time and the rest idles at around 20%. im not really getting bad performance with my setup but i think it could and should be even better with all Threads being used more. 

thanks in advance

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Stefan Sondermann

FSX is using one (1) core for the vast amount of calculations. So it's pretty normal to use 1 core at 100% while all the others are idling around. That's the reason the affinity mask setting does only makes sense to prevent FSX to use 2 logical cores while it's only 1 physical core (on HT cpu's). For amd cpu's it does not make sense at all. FSX detect's amount of cores and uses it since SP2.

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