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Why update your nav data?

peter kelberg

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Was wondering since  running  fsx  and  the  airports   and  vors  etc  havnt changed, since  from day one,   why do we  need  to update the  nav  data from either from navigraph  etc

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Actually, in real life, navigational aids (i.e. VORs, NDBs, etc.), fixes/waypoints, airways, and SIDs/STARs are updated frequently, usually on a monthly basis with the release of the latest AIRAC navigational database. For this reason, if you wish to fly online on VATSIM/IVAO, it's recommended to be on the latest AIRAC update so that you can fly the latest procedures without issues. Same goes for the FSX internal navigational database, which you can update with this program.

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I don't fly online, but if you use simmbrief or any online planner tool, they are usually on a higher airac than the default FSX or addon aircraft.

If you want a consistent airac across all your fleet, and avoid the "not existing in the database" messages when trying to load a sid/star/waypoint, then it's worth the price of one single addon per year ~ $20.


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