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Upgrade to AS16 ?


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worth  the upgrade if  you can afford it,   clouds   mmm its  not   a texture  addon  maybe  you being  confused  with the new  asca  that hifi brought out

On ‎5‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 6:46 AM, chris198 said:

Mm, now AS16 is on sale, 30% off. Is there anything new or worthful for ppl who don´t care about beautyful clouds ?


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No, I don´t care about nice clouds, I´ve been living for years witn my old rex clouds. Is there anything better regarding of winds, depiction, smoothness than it is in ASN ?

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Wayne Klockner

AS2016 provides better weather depiction over ASN. It fixes the cloud depiction issue at high latitudes, more accurately simulates storms and associated downdrafts and shears, enhances its weather radar capability, and includes Navigraph support for its map and flight planning capabilities. Overall, it more accurately simulates weather in the sim, including smooth weather changes and cloud cover depiction.

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Arto E.P. Karhu

I definitely find AS16+ASCA (I haven't tested without the combo) a very nice improvement over ASN+REX Soft Clouds, both in looks and in weather depiction and smoothness. Given platform limitations, it is very, very good, and just about the only thing I find poor enough to easily get noticed without specifically looking for things to criticize is the thermal modeling. I'd say get it to anyone who's not having a specific reason of sticking with another weather engine provider or something.


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