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Concorde x FSX/p3d License


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Hi, first of all congratulations for your excellent work , I would like to know why the concorde x FSX version non'è ' was made as to the a320 that' give a chance ' to pay a little difference in who and ' already ' held a alicenza for Fsx and wants to exploit the P3D platform , so ' means buying the product again for another platform and then buy it twice, discouraging the purchase by the customer .

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The FSL Concorde was 10 years old when they decided to adapt it for P3D. It also had a major overhaul to try and reduce VAS usage which meant that it was a large investment of time by the FSL team. The v2 Concorde is a very different to the original cersion released for FSX 10 years ago and so FSL needed to charge again. When it comes to the P3D version you're also buying future support as P3D changes.

I don't think it's any secret that the Airbus is already in beta testing for P3D because it has been developed in parallel with the FSX version without a large overhaul needed.

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