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Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog VS Extreme 3d


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Dear Team and Bus drivers,

I am planning to buy the Warthog as I read that it is similar to the a320 joystick in term of tension and weight. I already own an extreme 3d, which is fairly firm but how it is compared with the Hotas from the tension/feel perspective.

Thank you,

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22 hours ago, Tavers said:

Good choice. I went from a Logitech 3D pro to the Warthog and it's amazing. You'll need some rudder pedals too.

received the Warthog (Now flying as FO), its amazing, kept the 3d extreme as a tiller and I already have Saitek pedals B). I guess this is the best combination.

Happy flying.


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Had mine for a month in use. Mainly got it for really getting into DCS World for more "Hotas" for the A-10c Warthog. Absolutely love it. For fsx flying the FSL a320 and a few Boeing addon aircraft it rally feels like you've got some serious metal ( no pun intended) in your hands. 


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Here's a video which was uploaded on the DCS EagleDynamics forum about the disassembly and re-greasing. It will void the 2 year warranty though. The internal mechanism uses "3D Magnetic sensors (Hall Effect), 16-bit resolution (65536 x 65536) and a 5 coil spring system for tension that is firm, linear without dead zones". 
It's the same mechanism implemented in the T.16000M stick which is also pretty good for one that may be on a budget. 
Other than that there's also the newer T.16000M FCS Hotas, which seems to be more of the mid-range priced Hotas between the Warthog and T-Flight. 

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