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If FSLABS start a new project....

Chirag Geiantilal

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Philipp Schwaegerl

P3D becomes very popular. In our german forum for example, the majority uses P3D v3. Performance and Memory management are much better. 

And I think the FSL Bus does perform great in P3D v3.

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Jonathan Fong

As you can see from my signature, I fly for BAVirtual. Here are some statistics the staff released a few weeks ago:

Sim       Distinct Pilots
FS9         109
FSX         531
P3D         324
XP10         41
Total       967

As you can see, out of a total of 967 pilots who actively flew in the month of July, 531 pilots flew on FSX while 324 flew on P3D. Now, of course this is only one source of information, but with this one could deduce that the amount of people actively using FSX is at least closely matched with, if not somewhat more than, the amount of people using P3D. Therefore, stopping development for FSX would only serve to alienate a significant portion of the FS community.

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