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The Debate or Closed Case


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Hi all greetings, especially Andrew and Lefteris:
                                I saw that closed an angry post by a debate on FSX/P3D vs. X-Plane, I want to say without intention of raising controversy that discussions are good, both in politics and in any walk of life, that helps us grow to create and innovate.
                                These years you spent developing a product that I believe will be fantastic, the whole community who loves virtual flights will thank them, no doubt pawned his time to give a product worthy to simulate as closely as possible to a real flight but unfortunately today platforms exist to represent these flights are two or three (as they like to tell FSX and P3D separately), and these platforms are still gaps in it, especially in FSX/P3D.
                                 I would like to show a takeoff and a landing with a soft crosswind in FSX/P3D and another in X-Plane, but I think everyone using simulators know the difference, while in FSX / P3D the plane parce a straight and immutable bullet off in X-Plane to lose contact of the wheels with the track tail make a small movement of lateral displacement to one side and then the other correction, see it is a delight, blow it up is unmatched.
                                 Some years ago I wrote a PMDG about the possibility of developing for P3D and received a resounding NO for response, this was by the flow of users who had in FSX was greater than P3D, but times change and now the user flow overturned P3D massively, for their continuous updates, innovations, improvements, etc., I think we all know who did PMDG !! and other companies.
                                 A couple of years watching the evolution that was taking X-Plane 10, PMDG asked about developing for this platform, I received for answer ?, You already know ... another resounding NO, but PMDG acquired a company that develops Aircraft for X-Plane and published his DC-6 this year. Currently PMDG is migrating its products to X-Plane, this is the 737NGX, 777, etc., the question is why?
                                  In FlightSimCon 2016 Laminar Research showed soon his project for X-Plane 11, which will be released in a very short time planned for this year end or early next, which said they will eye candy, than P3D, with an interface user to better Windows 10 style, very easy and intuitive, with a high degree of configuration in all aspects of the simulator, with many innovations in graphics, especially lighting and reflection, terrain, 3D airports, etc., also with a weather engine high-level representation of clouds, the sky, buildings, trees and herbs unprecedented, and all this and much more in dafault, without spending a dime on addons to see our simulator as we like .
                                   Who knows ... maybe the user flow massively to X-Plane tipping over, nothing is said and is definitive in this, but some developers are already opening the umbrella, especially by stagnation FSX / P3D platform 32 Bits its failure to take advantage of current graphics cards, making the CPU overload with tasks that corresponds to the GPU, creating a low overall performance. Ultimately, I think you have to keep an open mind and not to be typecast.
                                   Finally, and to end this testament, I apologize for the extensive, I would also like to know more about this simulated in this A320X outside P3D, especially the dynamics and physics of flight, wind, gravity, meteorology, weight, etc.

Thank you, sincerely.

P / D: I apologize for my English, I am still learning.

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