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Thank You Flightsimlabs

Donald Vanderdoes

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Donald Vanderdoes

Hello everyone,

I got into this hobby about eight years ago starting with FSX and not knowing anything about flying. I went from default GA aircraft to buying a book on how to really fly and navigate in the virtual world and learned quite a lot. After a while, I could get in a GA aircraft and navigate VOR to VOR from Missouri to California and not get lost. I then got heavy into online flying and joining a small VA that I am still in. I have spent lots of money since then on hardware upgrades, aircraft and scenery. What an exciting time for us simmers to be living in. Then all of a sudden the worst thing happened to me, I became an FMC junky and forgot what is was like to actually fly. After mastering automated flight, ha ha,  I purchased the Concorde in 2014 for fsx thinking how hard could that be. I know how to setup an autoland, fly sids and stars on autopilot. Boy did I feel stupid when I got in the Concorde, it was way over my head. As time went on P3D started getting more advanced, so I started moving to that platform. I never revisited the FSX version of the Concorde until recently and fell in love, so much that I recently purchased the Concorde X for P3D and let me tell you, this aircraft has brought me new found passion for the hobby. It is hands down the most challenging payware I have purchased and that is what brought back the passion. I am now revisiting all those GA aircraft that I have spent so much money on. I have been turning of the gps, doing the check lists on every aircraft. I have also started playing around with failures and the procedures to follow when there is one. The days of endless automated flight will be fewer thanks to you guys.

I just wanted to say thank you Flightsimlabs for such a wonderful product and bringing back my passion for the hobby. I can't wait for the A320.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

What a beautiful way to start my day - reading your post. Thank you so very much for the kind words - they do sound like they came from the heart and this makes it even more important. Indeed, this is why we do it... Please enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you!

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