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Airbus A350 On The Design Table Fslabs ?

Antonio Barcelo Mestre

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Antonio Barcelo Mestre

Hi Lefteris,

I am aware that quite a lot needs to be done to complete the A320 Master series . Probably you have in mind the A321 Pack later on , but obviously the main hard job will be done with the 320 release.

Now, was wondering whats going to be next. Would you have enough data to start an A350-900 development from scratch like you did with the A320 ?

Rgds and keep up the excellent job !

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Marlon Carter

Looking forward to seeing what's next. I for one look forward to the day there may be a FSL A380! I'm pretty sure the A330/340 is a stronger possibility but the A380 for FSX/P3D is long overdue.

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Luca vom Bruch

A350 would be awesome, the avionics are similar but somewhat more advanced with a full screen MCDU and stuff. I think it would compete with QW's 787.

I think A350 and A380 would require much more work than A330 or A340.

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