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Next Step Beyond A320 X ?

Antonio Barcelo Mestre

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Antonio Barcelo Mestre

Hi Mr Kalamaras and FSLabs team,

first of all wishing you a great 2014, and really expecting this year to be able to fly your state of the art A320. So, do you have in mind actually what will follow once this plane is released? The next logical step would be A319, A321 expantions, not a big deal given that the hard job will be done with the base pack.

But beyond that,have you got any clue concerning a Brand new Project from scratch for us ?

Thanks and Cheers !!

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Andrew Wilson

The next logical step in our A3XX Master Series will most likely be the A330-X, given the similarities this fleet have to the A320 series.

Please keep this in context - we are not announcing that our next project will be the A330 - all I can say at this time is that it is likely the A330-X will follow the A320-X series, given the huge investment we have put into developing the infrastructure that these aircraft are built upon.

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Antonio Barcelo Mestre

Thanks Andrew, anyway would be amazing if an A330 development could be planned and started into 2015. An interesting bird is the A350, but surely needs about 3 to 4 more years to implement it in FSX.

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What about the A340? I think it could be a good seller for FSX/P3D given that there is no high quality representation of that aircraft.

Maybe after A330. A330 makes more sense as the next one, it is much more popular in real world compared to A340, and, like A320, it is a twin.

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