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New Concorde Pilot From Bav / Norway

Morten Steen

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Morten Steen

Hello gents, my name is Morten Steen. I purchased the Concorde today and can't wait to get to work learning it :) I like studying complicated systems, a big part of this hobby for me, so I guess I arrived at the right place ;)

I am a pilot for British Airways Virtual, approaching 500 hours, as Senior Captain I'll be able to log my Concorde flights.

I will also mention that I fly PMDG's NGX, MD-11X and J41, where possibly MD-11X is my all time favourite. I like to think of the "relation" between Lefteris and the MD-11, so becoming a FSL customer was a no brainer :)

Well, I'll have to get started with the installation, see you all later.

Best regards,

Morten Steen

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Karl Brooker

You're in for a fun time :)

Nice to see another BAv member too. I don't fly often as I'm waiting for the FSL A320 to release!

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Morten Steen

Thanks fellow BAV colleague and Lefteris :)

I had a great time this evening reading up on this forum and working with tweaks and optimizing FSX, I also started on the tutorial. A usual first day with Concorde-X I guess as I enjoyed the "ding" for a few minutes before I found the MWS reset. So all is normal here :)


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John Barnes

Hey Morten welcome.

Nice to see more BAV members taking a keen interest into "Ole Pointy" It reminds us of why we keep it in the fleet. The next time you see some of the killjoys start up over there as to why we keep a defunct Airliner on the books that BA don't use any more, you will be able to answer the same as us that in both real life and Simming, it is worlds apart from flying standard Aircraft.

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Morten Steen

Hey John, good to see you here too. I am totally amazed, it is totally incredible :) If the Concorde isn't worthy of a "Classic" stamp, I don't know what aircraft would.

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