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Useful Flight Planning Tools?


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Hi all!

I am looking for a good and realistic but easy-to-handle flight planning tool. It may not cost too much money. Till now, I have always prepared my OFPs (Operational Flight Plans) by myself which is quite annoying and it takes a lot of effort. It is not very realistic though! Hence, I am looking for a good flight planning tool and I would like to ask you guys if you have any recommendation for me.

I hope posting this topic here in the "general forum" is okay. If not, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to some answers!


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Thank you for answering. Just took a look at PFPX (obviously the founder of TOPCAT). It looks pretty promising. That could be an (hopefully effortable!) option, thank you.

I am already familiar with Virtual Dispatch. It is indeed a nice freeware tool but it does not meet my requirements. I think I will wait for PFPX then. Thanks for your hint!

EDIT(12-05-2013 14:07LCL):

@christos: Thank you! I will have a look at that as well. Vroute looks really nice. I think this could be a good choice!

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