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FS9 GoFlight MCP/Engravity CDU

Cris B.

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Hello Lefteris,

I?m hoping that you can help me. I just bought and received a Goflight MCP Pro and an Engravity CDU just for my FS9 PMDG 737 & 747 and when I went to the PMDG site I found out that they no longer sell the interfaces for them.

Buried very deeply in PMDG?s forums I found a post from Robert saying that you now handle all of the interfaces. So I came to your site and cannot find the interfaces that I need. I know that you are the person that developed the interfaces and since PMDG doesn?t sell them anymore is there any way that I can buy them from you?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Cris-

It caught us as quite a surprise to see that PMDG stopped selling these drivers. I am looking into ways that Flight Sim Labs can support you on it - keep an eye out for more news on this website in the days to come.

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Hi Lefteris,

Thank you for your quick reply! I will definitely be watching very closely for those drivers because without them I basically have some very expensive paperweights.blush.gif

I was really hoping to be able to fly with my new toys this weekend and I feel very let down by the folks over at PMDG. crying.gif

Again, thank you for looking into supporting / making available these drivers. I hope that you will be able to do this as I know that I am not the only one with this problem. smile.gif

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Hey guys,

I'll be looking forward to this too, the only answer i got from them however in due time with no eta will be offered at no cost. Again i don't think they should of removed it abruptly. Anyway enough about them, I'm glad you may be able to bail us out of this situation, thanks Lefteris.


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I would like to add my name to the list of very frustrated and somewhat lost customers of GoFlight/PMDG for FS9. I actually just yesterday received my MCP-Pro and ordered it 3 weeks ago after visiting the page on the PMDG site with the instructions on how to order the interface once you had physically recieved the MCP-Pro. Now I got it and yesterday went looking to buy the interface only to find it all of the sudden is gone! Without any posts indicating they were discontinuing it or anything - just gone... Now I finally had all the peices together for my sim and I am really frustrated/un-impressed by this move by PMDG. Is there anything you are able to do or are you as stuck as everyone else? Thank you kindly for the consideration and the update.




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Lefteris Kalamaras


we hear you. I can neither speculate nor comment on why PMDG would choose to abruptly stop selling the drivers. I am looking for a solution for everyone in a similar situation. Please be patient for just a little bit longer until I have something more promising to report.

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Hi guys I would like to add my 2 cents worth. First of all I have come into some money and I was just about to purchase the 744 cdu from flyengravity. But after going to the PMDG site and finding out that the interface is not there and been searching for ther last 2 hours on the net to finally get here and find out that PMDG have stoped this product. Well I can say I am very saddend by what has happen. Why is it that the customers and people that support the various E commerce companies suffer the most. I have invested to much over the years in FS9 to change to FSX, yes i am sure that FSX has some great new stuff but i am very happy with FS9 and the flying that I do. Now for what ever reason PMDG is stopped selling this interface I am not intrested but for all the people out there that have bought FS9 PMDG products and suppored them over the years then I feel we should have a answer has to why. Cris B I do feel for you right now you are itching to use the new and very expencive equipment and it is just not happening. I can only hope that the team here can help us FS9 pilots out to enjoy the fun and excitment of our hobby, passion and commintment to FS


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Lefteris Kalamaras


We are also surprised by that move, but I would kindly ask you that you refrain from commenting on their decisions with such terms in our forum. Flight Sim Labs will not accept derogatory remarks on any of our competitors - we strive to maintain a professional level and we expect such from our customers as well.

Thank you for your understanding!

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I understand it must be very frustrating to buy a CDU, only to find that the drivers are not available anymore.

I already own the 747 CDU for about 2 years now, so I already got the interface in time. What I would like to express here as an idea for FlightSim Labs if they do plan on making such a driver for FS9, is the possibility to use 2 CDU's on 1 license (e.g. I'm also using the 747 CDU for the 737, but it would be nice to be able to buy the 737 CDU as well and use it for the 737 and use the 747 CDU for the 747. All this on the same license).


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Hi there i have the goflight mcp and fs9 with pmdg 737/800ng i see you guys are doing your best to help everyone.

So my only questions is that i have urgent in getting the interface software and im a litle lost in the midle of the battle.

So the question is if you guys are trying to create a interface software for goflight mcp for fs9 or the one you guys have for fsx works with fs9 ?

Best Regards

Ricardo Veiga

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Well mate i have to say sorry because i have the cdu software but not the mcp software.

And when you said you needed the cdu one i was goign happy to the pmdg site to link for you and BANG cdu is off to now....I was lucky getting the cdu one i boutgh the cdu one like 5 days ago and now is over to like the mcp :S.

If anyone have any link for the mcp software please gief the link i need urgent that software.

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Hello Lefteris

Please I need, like some many people, the Drivers to use the CDU engravity with the 737PMDG. Please, please, do something for us.

Many thanks, Euxaristos
Arnaldo Vacca

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I?wait for that Interface of the FS9 GoFlight MCP too, and finding it?very impressing that so many people wait for that Interface when i look om the internet.

I hope it comes very soon, no matter what it costs!!

Best Regards


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Please Lefteris,

let we know somethings about that topic. There is a possibility to have again that driver? I think you are the only person can do that.

Many thanks


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Lefteris Kalamaras


we would very much like to provide our customers and friends with the FS2004 version of the drivers. Here's where we are at the moment:

From a technical standpoint, it is relatively straightforward to modify some logos and ensure that the drivers become up-to-date with current hardware.

The existing FS2004 drivers (as they were sold previously by PMDG), however, require updated versions of the PMDG 737NG gauge modules which are not publicly available otherwise, as they were specific to the GoFlight hardware requirements.

At this point in time, Flight Sim Labs is unable to distribute those updated PMDG gauge files. Therefore, anything we could do on the driver side would be unusable on the customer's end. (Gauge files, as sold in the 737NG and 747 FS2004 packages would not be able to communicate properly with the driver modules).

It saddens me to have to give you this news but unless there is a way for the updated modules to become publicly available from PMDG, it would be pointless for Flight Sim Labs to offer the drivers for FS2004...

My regards to all!

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Hi, Lefteris,

just some question.

1) any news about engravity CDU for FS9???

2) I have a fs9 goflight MPC driver, are the pmdg gauges updated for use with a?engravity cdu unit for fs9?

3) It is possible?(and legal of course) buy a used engravity cdu unit with a fs9 driver for PMDG?

Without this driver i must change all my 737pmdg based?home cockpit with goflight hardware and it's mean burn about 2000,00 euro. crying.gif

Best Regards



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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hello Roberto-

you'll see it posted here and in other places that PMDG have stopped selling the FS9 drivers for Engravity and GoFlight hardware from their web site. At the same time, they do not provide the updated gauges required for those drivers to be developed by third parties. As such, we do not anticipate making those drivers available for FS9 in the foreseeable future.

We *do* however, provide drivers for the FSX addons developed by PMDG.

If something changes, we'll be the first to let you know!

Best regards,

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