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Help Needed

Yusuf Budi

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I just bought the CP Flight 737 MCP+EFIS recently.

I've had try the PMDG737 driver just around LGAV, and it's work properly perfect.

But i can't complete the purchasing process....

I want to make the payment through PayPal...but when i logged on into it, a popscreen came out, telling me that there's something wrong with the program script.

After i click the button (either continue or stop sript button), the process is continued, but in the end paypal can't validate the transaction.

Is there any other way to buy the software?


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Two possible solutions:

1) Are you running as administrator? That's necessary.

2) Set a different browser as default and restart FSX - that might work.

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Thanks for the reply...

I'm using fs9 anyway, but will try those advice..

But, is it possible if i make the purchase using another computer (needed software installed), and then transfer the license to my homecockpit pc?

Regards from Indonesia

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Hi Lefteris...

I've already tried to run as admin, but it didn't help, i also tried to purchase on the another computer, but it didn't work either

is there any other way to make the purchase?

using paypal send payment feature maybe??

i'm started to getting desperate... :P

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Lefteris Kalamaras


please take a screenshot of your problem and send it to our support staff (support (at) flightsimlabs (dot) com).


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