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Fs2Crew Concorde?

Marlon Carter

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I saw the same question in the FS2CREW forums - Byork (I think that's their developers name) said that without a SDK its nigh on impossible. Still one can dream!

I had a moment earlier whilst flying a particularly attention consuming SID (hand flying!) and had to lean over to change the heading VOR bug, managed to pitch down 15 degrees in the process through lack of concentration, lose quite a bit of altitude and almost managed to over-speed. Passengers looked a little white in the face and there was a P45 waiting for me in the despatch office when I got back!! I suppose the lesson there is, as all good instructors will tell you, first and foremost, fly the aeroplane!

It would have just been so nice to say 'Heading 090' and have my friend in the left seat set it for me and save the embarrassment!

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