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New To Gf Mcp


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Hi to all . I am just new to this forum and GF MCP + effis which I have purchased just today. I would like to ask if somebody could give me a little bit of heads up on what do I need in order to use GF MCP fully with pmdg 747 8i version or if that makes different to 400 ? As I have just searched and read if I am not mistaken I do need to download and test driver as demo which have some limitation and if happy then purchased interface driver for hardware to work correctly ? Also Has anybody use the same hardware with pmdg js 4100 as I love to fly this plane too. This two planes are my favorite . I do know there are some trick to set it up as I bought before saitek which a had to set it up with spad application using fscrew . As mention I am using fscew voice for both planes, and would like to remain using that . So if anybody could help me to answer this question please. I know it is a little bit early as I don't have that hardware yet so no testing yet could be done . But I am sure somebody already set it up for both planes including fscrew . Thanks very much and happy flying Petr B)

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