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Hi All. Was wondering if anyone here knows of an book that is/was in production regarding simming Concorde, revolving around this version (Concorde X). Had seen/read it on the FlightSim.com website (about a yr ago) but can't seem to find anything either there or on a Google search, other than what appears to be a dated book called Simming Concorde. Not saying that the pdf, or others from my other FS9 Concordes are not enough, just was wondering if it is around & looking at something even more extensive or the book that supposed to revolve around the Concorde X. Thanks

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The best thing out there is actually an extensive video produced by ITVV. Highly recommended and something that will absolutely add to your flying of ConcordeX.

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Finally found the site that is producing (book/video?) surrounding the Concorde X. Here's the link for anyone interested:


Regarding the ITVV video, have that as well. Got it as part of the Altitude Concorde pkge. Just purchased the pdf file version from flight manuals on cd (awesome info there), as well as the Simming Concorde 80 page book.

I think I'm going "Concorde Nuts".

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