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Open Cockpits MCP/EFIS Support


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Firstly its great to see the FSX Concorde being worked on and also great to see support for some of the various Hardware that now available for FS, it was definintly PMDGS failing with what are otherwise great products. I look forward to seeing all your other projects in the near future.

My question...Is there a chance you will be developing a driver/SDK or some form of support for the OPENCOCKPITS MCP/EFIS hardware range? I presently own their MCP and use it with the other Great FS Aircraft the LevelD 767 by use of the LEEKSCON interface.

Their software SIOC is a great tool allowing you to easily configure multiple hardware, including your own built projects when building cockpits this combined with NICO's LEEKSCON interfacing with the LEVELD SDK means I can configure my 737MCP to pretty much utilise all the MCP functions on the 767 even though obviously the 737 is slightly different to the 767 by the use of double click on buttons to replecate the missing functions. To be honest my PMDG 747 sits in the hanger most of the time due to the lack of support for my Hardware, I fly using the the Virtual cockpit, using TRACKIR, and having to try and click on switches just makes the experience not worth bothering with on the 747 so being able to pretty much forget my mouse when using the 767 is great.

So do you think there is any chance of support for their products?

Anyhow keep up the great work and look forward to seeing your products rolling out.

Best Regards


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi James-

thanks for contacting us about this. We're very glad to be able to discuss our newly established policy regarding development of interfaces with qualified vendors, as long as they approach us with the indication they would wish this to happen.

Best regards,

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Whats is need to create a drivers for opencockipts hardware?

They have a MCP, EFIS and FMC.

My dream is a driver to use my hardwares with 737 and 747PMDG!!!

Please say what the Flighsimlabs need to this!!

The team was think in create somenthing like a Project Magenta for PMDG products? This is another dream!! use my PMDG in my home cockipt!!

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