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Time to reacquaint with the bus

Sabine Meier

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Sabine Meier

Some of you may know me via the forums and how helpful I have been to others. So last year I took a break to focus on some personal stuff including picking up my MSc degree and mental health. Flight sim was always an escape from reality in a way. 

So recently, I typed in the forum's website address and saw some lovely news but also some sad news. I was surprised by both of the news. What I read from the good news was nice, with my current understanding of software development from my new job(aircraft noise-related) also understandable in a business manner. It has relighted a small fire to fly again in the sim so I purchased the TCA Airbus pack. I am looking forward to seeing what comes after the Concorde (which I know is the current main project from reading the updates) and how the developments are going for the lower-priority projects like the NEO and A330 and the MSFS variants. When it comes to the negative news I pay my respect to the people who know that person and want to say sorry for the loss of a dear community member and tester.

I want to wish the development team and the test team all the best with the upcoming projects. The time it takes for these projects to reach fruition is long but it is opposed by the highest quality one can imagine.

So if anyone has some tips aside from Hoppie, simbrief/navigraph on the latest version and ensuring a good fresh install plus on the TCA. And PC upgrade tips are welcome.

With regards,

Sabine Meier

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