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FSL A320 in P3D v5, going from 16 to 32 GB?

Luis Hernández

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Luis Hernández

Hello everyone. I've been rediscovering my FSL buses in v5, after having found a way to make my monitor run smoothly at 30Hz. I no longer have to setup my rig (specs in signature) for higher FPS.

Question: can I expect any performance improvement if I upgrade just my RAM, from 16 GB (2x8, DDR4-3200) to 32 GB (2x16, also DDR4-3200)? The rest of my rig would remain unchanged.

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Markus Burkhard


you'd have to monitor your RAM usage during flight with 16GB RAM. If you reach the RAM capacity limit in certain scenarios (meaning the system would start storing data on your SSD), then you would indeed see a performance increase with more RAM. However, if you never reach your RAM capacity, then performance would remain unchanged.

Whether or not you actually reach your RAM limit depends on add-ons used and sim settings, as well as other software running in the background.

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