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Issues with Packs , Circuit Breakers and AP

Adrián Matheu

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Adrián Matheu


Using FSL with A320 on P3v4, at the beginning, one month ago, when recently installed things went quite smooth, but lately I have constant issues with packs, always failed, no matter how I start the engines , cold and dark or any other set up. When trying to do  Airbus system reset , I can see the circuit beakers popped out which would surely identify the problem, but there is no way to interact , that I know, with said cb.

Yesterday I was also having issues with AP not engaging, definetely something going wrong but I'm incapable of fixing it.

Help appreciated


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Norman Blackburn

Hi Adrian,

We don't offer product support here in General Forum.

Please post your queries in the A3xx area.   There is no way to interact with the CBs.

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