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Cargoitalia Virtual Officially Recognized, New Website

Cargoitalia Virtual

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Cargoitalia Virtual


Cargoitalia Virtual Officially Recognized, New Website

Milan, Italy - September 28, 2010 - Cargoitalia Virtual is proud to announce that is has been officially recognized by the real-world Cargoitalia and has also released a new website featuring some of the finest features in the industry.

After over four months of negotiation and discussion with the real-world Cargoitalia, on September 24, 2010 Cargoitalia Virtual responded in the affirmative, granting Cargoitalia Virtual the authority to operate as the sole, and official Virtual Airline for Cargoitalia.

"[..] diamo autorizzazione ad utilizzare il nostro marchio + 'Virtual' [..]"

(Translated to "we give authorization to utilize our brand + 'Virtual'")

In addition to being officially recognized, Cargoitalia Virtual recently completed a revolutionary new website with the cooperation of the real-world Cargoitalia which has been made public today.

Cargoitalia Virtual believes that with the new website that has many new features including; Load Manifests, Flight Dispatching, Real-Time Flight Boards, Real-Time Statistics, and a new feature that is still in the works that will allow end-users to virtually 'Ship' packages along any of Cargoitalia Virtual's routes and track them in real-time.


Andrea Pol



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