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Thrust levers desagreee ( HOTAS X and FSUIPC )

Carlos Meneses

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Carlos Meneses


Every time I move the physical throttle stick (HOTAS X), it doesn´t  match the movement of the Thrust Levers in the simulator. By moving them foward to accelerate, I go throug the detents until I reach TOGA DETENT position whitout a problem , the inconvenience is when moving them backwards .

For example, at the moment of the "RETARD RETARD" I remove the CLB DETENT thrust levers position for IDLE DETENT position of the simulator  but when moving the physical throttle lever of the HOTAS X for its only detent (between the red bar and gray bar), the simulator Thrust Levers do not reach the  IDLE DETENT position, but stay at 50.8% of N1 Thrust (See attached screenshots) , I am forced  to move the lever of the HOTAS X  further back to approximately  half the range of the reverse (gray bar)to just be able to place the thrust levers of the simulator to IDLE DETENT position which is uncomfortable during the landing maneuver because there is no detent in that position  of the HOTAS X (gray bar) since if I move the stick completely backwards, the REVERSER would be activated in the simulator.

When storing REVERSE on the HOTAS X (Single detend between red and gray bar), the thrust levers in the simulator  stabilize at 50.8% of N1 and not at IDLE DETENT position.

This problem started to happen since I made the axis settings in the FSUIPC to be able to use the reverse in the HOTAS X. When I try to use the simulator whit its own axes and not with the FSUIPC the same problem occurs. I still use FSX.

I will appreciate your support.


Carlos Meneses


Captura de pantalla (225).png

Captura de pantalla (224).png

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Norman Blackburn

Hello Carlos

Sadly no product support is offered in General Forum.

Please check out our A320 sub forum for more information.

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