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TCA Quadrant (issue): spoilers act on the rudder (saitek)

Rémy Vidali

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(translated by deepl)



I am calling for help.

I bought the TCA Quadrant to complete the TCA officer pack airbus.
To complete my equipment, I have been using the rudder from saitek for years.
I mainly use Fslabs buses and I am on P3d v4.

The problem is this:

When I deploy the spoilers, the rudder also acts.
On deployment: full right. When retracting, full left...

I have to check in the following parts :
- key assignments : no key assignment for the different rudder for the "saitek pro flight rudder pedal" and for the "tca Q-Eng" ;

- axis assignments : the "tca Q-Eng" uses the Rz axis for the spoilers but the problem is that the "saitek" also uses an Rz axis.

- after a new test consisting in deleting all the key assignments (including slew) in the "axis" part, the result is the same.

- similarly, by deleting all the "axes" in P3d and programming them in the "input" part of fslabs, the result is the same.

So, in flight when I have to deploy the spoilers, it works for this system but the rudder moves too.
I have to put "foot" to center the rudder.
I tested it on the road and it's the same thing.

If I remove the Rz axis for the "saitek" I no longer have control of the rudder. However, the action of deploying the spoilers still controls the saitek rudder.

I have tried to find a solution to this problem but I am still stuck.

Thank you for your help!


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Norman Blackburn

Hello Rémy

Sadly no product support is offered in General Forum.

There is s wonderful series of posts about TCA hardware in our A320 sub forum.  Please check it out for more information.

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