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Addon Shaders programs

Dave Taylor

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Tom van der Elst
On 7/15/2022 at 7:08 PM, Dave Taylor said:

Are they really worth having? If so what's best?

I have used two EnvShade and RDpresets and dumped the second one.

It caused me too much trouble, I don't want to tinker,

I want to fly that one day I can fly in a week.

I preferred the ToGa projects thingy due to ease of use.

But Dave, I must say it : do not use it if you do not know what it does and how to reverse it.

It really is shady stuff ( yes, pun intended :P )



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Tyler Sexton

Using RDShade now and really like it, good presets and fairly easy to understand. I also have reshade in, and rex, it all looks good. However, im about to install envtex and envshade and see how that looks as everyone highly recommends them and as Tom said, its easy to just let it do its thing. May or may not drop the reshade, ill just have to look and see. Just figured id chime in as im in the process now of checking them out.

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