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Runway bin problem (Saving flight problem)

mehrdad rezaee

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mehrdad rezaee

I too am wondering how do you actually save a flight then reload it again and carry on?

I tried today. I set the A320X up for take off, Saved it. While in cruise, Saved it. In each instance, with its file name etc.

I then, at the splash screen used the Load Scenario tool, clicked ok

In each instance, I could see the the two FSL boxes with load info. But is all it did was take me back to the splash screen again. This time with the FSL A320 established as the vehicle.  So, I clicked the Load again, and the whole thing crashed to desktop.

I just tried loading the aircraft, at the airport, then reload the saved scenario. It just locks up the screen with the aircraft partially loaded, with the usual SFLabs notice in the top left of the screen, FSLabs Runways.bin etc.........

Would some one care to provide a step by step approach, and I will try that method. 

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