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Want to purchse A320-sl

Aristomenis Palaiologou

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Aristomenis Palaiologou

Hello guys.

New guy here, but not to simming

I fly many years with the A320 of another company and want to transition to the Fslabs

The thing is that I am relluctant to make the $220 investment without knowing how my system (Prepar3d v4.5, Ryzen 5 2600 passmark score 13500, GTX 1660  6GB passmark score 11500, 16GB Ram 24333MHZ) will preform.

Any thoughts?



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Norman Blackburn

Hello Aristomenis,

I dont personally have experience with those specs but the required minimum scores are much less than your hardware so your experience should be a positive one.  Hopefully somebody with a similar spec will be able to give you some figures.


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Daniel Glover

I have an 8600K and 1080 ti. Using P3D v4 fps was never great in any aircraft although still usable. Between 15-40fps with the FSL depending on where you are.

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