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Device hung error. Looking to buy your A320.

Daniel Cyr

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Hello all,  

I currently own the aerosoft airbus a320 professional and keep getting device hung errors.  I was reading on their forums and someone said they switched to the FSLabs 320 and haven’t had any problems.  Before I purchase, I was wondering if anyone was having problems with their fslabs a320.  I do not have problems flying with my pmdg aircraft it seems only the aerosoft ones.

thanks in advance,


Daniel Cyr

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Markus Burkhard

Hi Daniel,

make sure your PC complies with our minimum requirements, and should there be issues, you'll have hundreds of dedicated users here to help you, including FSL support staff.

If you want to get comments on how your experience might be, you might want to write some details about your other software used for PC flying, as well as your hardware.

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I have an i9-11900KF processor, 64gb of ram, two two tb ssd hard drives and a liquid cooled 6900xt.

A bunch of ORBX world scenery, aerosoft sceneries, FS Dreamteam sceneries and gsx level one and two.  Activesky p3d, opusfsi for camera views and flight sim first officer. For aircraft I have aerosoft airbus professional family, feelthere ejets 175, 195 v3.  Pmdg 737, 777.  QW 787.  On V 5.2 with hotfixes.



Dan Cyr


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