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Biased Towards Europeans?!


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Hi flightsimlabs,

so far I've been very suspicious with Flightsimlabs,as the format is a lot like Project Opensky,but apparently not related to one another,and now,we find that Flightsimlabs is making the Airbus A320!(and the rest of the Airbuses while they're at it),I mean first you choose a immense airliner,and now Flightsimlabs is goin the other end of striking airliners to the average.Except the A380,which I still have trouble seeing as interesting.So I've realised that in fact,all Flightsimlabs products are European based,or Airbus and their forefathers.

What I think(personally)Flightsimlabs should develop is the Tupolev TU-144 and the Boeing 2707(especially this one)as firstly,the tu-144 and the 2707 you get are freeware and low detail,or no virtual cockpit,or no sound.


(please don't delete my account,I'm only just meant to point out and that I think that making the TU-144 or B2707 would be good for the flight simmers and you)

So if you think they should produce this (tu-144 or 2707(I say b2707))then state here.


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OK,what I mean here is this-

1.Is Flightsimlabs trying to make European airliners only,or at least Airbus and forefathers of Airbus aircraft?

2.Also why don't you continue choosing immense airliners-I mean I'm not trying to disrespect your project of the A320,but I would of thought(personally)that you would of chosen another amazing airliner that stands out so much.I mean the A320 is good,but there is nothing exceptionally unique about it other than the fact that it was the first fly-by-wire aircraft.The concorde however as I know,had half fly-by-wire and also that obviously that it could fly at Mach 2.

3.After making the concorde,why not make another supersonic or hypersonic airliner?How about the TU-144;no-one has done a payware model of it,and it's realted to the concorde.Or the Boeing 2707,as it is meant to be hypersonic,with 200-300 passengers!

I think if you made those it would be really popular.


Also,for those who bought this,you could put here whether you think it's worth that flightsimlabs should make a B2707 or tu-144.

I want to put this out so you could also have some guidance of what flight simmers may want.

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Hum, i´m quite new but i think i can answer some of the questions. There is one simple reason for making an Airbus A320. Maximum profit. There is no Airbus simulation that can compete to PMDG level of detail they have in their Boeing. FSL showed us they´re at the same level. So what would you do? Build american airliners and stand against PMDG or go for an Airbus which has a big market as there is no A320 for hardcoresimmers :D . They plan to build the whole Airbus family, so this is going to be amazing. The Boeing 2707 was never more as a plan or a model out of wood. And the Tu144 is very similar to the Concorde, i don´t think there is a big market for this one, especialy because the Concorde is far more popular. In my opinion FSL is trying to fill a very big gap in FSX, doing the Airbus family. And to be true, in my opinion there are only 2 companies able to build A3XX series. Both are mentioned in this text.


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I once tried the Project Tupolev 154 aircraft for FS9 and it was an amazing freeware aircraft, but because everything was written with the Cyrillic alphabet it took ages to locate a switch.

There rises a question, whether people are ready to spend a few minutes for some time to first find a switch (before they learn where to locate it), then read what it does in the manual and finally learn to associate the picture with what it does/ is called (this is where the Cyrillic alphabet plays in). I don't think there are enough of those persons. Even if there are some it's by no means enough. And lets face it there is no market for these more unknown aircraft (not claiming to be an expert on this matter, just my humble opinion). A super realistic A32X is something that isn't available for FSX and is something people are going to buy. Both the beginners and advanced users.

EDIT Forgot to add, Europe is most probably the area from which most of the incomes come from.



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your basing a arguement of "BIAS" from two projects?

i share lefteris' status of confusion..

concorde was british/french, and the airbus is european.... becuase they havent chosen to do a boeing [most software companies can cover the whole range of boeing]

this means that FSlabs are bias..

come on man

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Firstly,the companies that made the concorde are now part of Airbus.Also the A320 is good,I do respect it, i mean it would be a good idea to make one if someone wants to be a airliner pilot on FSX.

Secondly,i would´ve thought either the tu-144 or b2707 would be good(I´m aware that the 2707 only made it as a mock up,but FSL could go to <boeing for info of would it would be like in characteristics and what the cockpit would be like etc...).

Answering Alex1992´s replay is that firstly,there are very few simulations of Russian aircraft that are payware and are actually high quality-none of them I can think of are the tu-144!Also,the b2707,no one has made a payware of the 2707 for fsx.Also consider this,PMDG are only making the modern aircraft.So you could make the 727(or something).

The reason I say biased as they say FSL is doing the A3XX family.And the concorde,which are European.


Partly,I can´t say I´m being very serious,I´m just putting the point out of this forum.

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Its probably also worth taking into account, that as far as I'm aware FSL create their aircraft by closely reading and following the actual aircraft manuals. Complete with several (probably several hundred) pictures from inside and outside the aircraft so that they can build a complete and realistic aircraft!

The problems with creating, for example, the B2707 would be that there really wouldn't be much to use as reference. It would really only be a 'fictional' aircraft. I'm sure there are available somewhere the plans for it, but its doubtful that there would be any more information hanging around!

As for the Tu-144, whilst I agree it would be nice to see a fully accurate payware version, I doubt it'll happen. To be honest, it wasn't a very popular aircraft (outside of russia) Probably due to it's horrendous reliability and difficultness to fly. Concorde beat it in almost every aspect hands down! Plus, I should imagine it'd be extremely difficult to find the operating manuals for a 144, and even if they were found, they'd need to be translated from Russian to a languiage that the dev team understands! (appologies if you do indeed have Russian speakers among the dev team!

Just my take on the idea,


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Based on your comments does that make PMDG Biased towards America, seing as though the majority of their products are Boeing, same as CapSim?

Well yes,but there are still holes in fsx payware aircraft of Boeing built aircraft,and that FSL is better than most sims such that it could probably make better simulations of what there are already.Also,I'm not saying biased as a bad thing,I'm just saying is it coincidental that FSL are making European aircraft.

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Pete, I'm not entirely sure what the point of your comments is (no offence intended). Are you trying to say that FSL should be making American aircraft, or not?

Personally I'm a little bored of the American planes, there must be several pay-ware versions of each Boeing passenger aircraft ever made! Its nice to have a developer concentrate on something across the pond every now and then!

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I have to admit all though CapSim did a great job with their 757 model it still lacks quality in the aircraft systems etc, thats where someone like PMDG or FSL could excel, but like its already been said the market is short of aircraft like Airbus so the deciding factor would lye where the most money could be made.

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I have to admit all though CapSim did a great job with their 757 model it still lacks quality in the aircraft systems etc, thats where someone like PMDG or FSL could excel, but like its already been said the market is short of aircraft like Airbus so the deciding factor would lye where the most money could be made.

Also,when has been the last time someone made the Boeing 377 stratocruiser?And also,the L1011,I know there is a payware drom 'Perfect Flight',but the detail and not all controles are modeled(no offence to Perfect Flight).


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Michael Penson

Where do you think more money would be made?

Selling an L1011, a Stratocruiser, or an A320?

I think they should develope whatever aircraft they feel will generate them the most income, regardless of what area of the globe its from.

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Well I think the L1011 in my opinion would be quite good,as personally,I show interest in the 1960s and 1970s,and in the era where the 747,and DC-10 plus the L1011 is great!But no L1011 that is good quality and payware I cannot find.Yet again,I think that FSL should delve into the Amercan civil aviation,maybe even the DC-8!But still I think that it would be entertaing to fly the TU-144 or the B2707.


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Trent Hopkinson

Personally I'd only ever buy products of aircraft that are of interest to me, and for the most part that is aircraft which are in operation during the present time. Experimental aircraft that never flew in real life are firmly in the "Fictional" Category for me and you might as well be flying a Tie Fighter or something with lazer guns to shoot aliens in space with, a bit of a cheap thrill, a few wild manouvers with your joystick and plenty of 'xsplosions. In Flight sim, I'm looking toward realism. Spending a few weeks or even months learning an aircraft's systems, and then going on vatsim and flying real life routes the aircraft actually flies. ConcordeX is even borderline for me in this regard. Concordes in repaints that aren't BAW or AFR (or pepsi or half SIA to be sure) cross that line. Concordes on flights that the real one never really flew do also. As far as the Tu144 is concerned, was that aircraft even used for anything beyond flight testing and airshows? Even that considered, it didn't exactly become a common airliner ferrying people around the world for decades worth of service life. If we were to see a Tupolev airliner in FSX, I would suggest the Tu204 or Tu154 as the most obvious options as these are aircraft that actually fly RPT services in the real world I put Tu154 there dispite the freeware Project Tupolev which is of course FS9 only. (An FSX version would certainly get my support.) That said, even though there are 'a few' Airbus products for FSX that exist out there, none of them are of the kind of quality that caters to the "Real as possible" crowd, each of the current offerings doing some aspects of Airbus aircraft ok, but none of them seem to do it all. And then there's the older airbus'. A310 and late-build A300's with MCDU/EFIS etc. Boeings are mostly well catered for, with a few notable gaps such as 717. There's plenty of aircraft to do still, but if you diversify too much then they would be all paralell developments, or poor quality as the time is not spent on each product. I would rather have lots of resources commited to an A320 to get it RIGHT (Which is something we havn't seen yet with the choices on offer today).

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I think the concept of some Euro-bias in regards to the products of FSlabs, is a bit stupid...However, with that said, I must agree with the commment above, that I would very much like to see some more quality airplanes from the 60s and 70s, and many of those do happen to be American made. I don't like any of the CaptSim stuff, and it is kind of a shame, in my opinion, that they have completely cornered the market on classic Boeings. Imagine what PMDG or FSLabs could do with a 727 or a 747-200! Don't a lot of us remember flying the old Ready For Pushback 747 and loving it?

I guess if I ever want to see a payware DC-6 or 7, that would be the domain of A2A.

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I am not saying biased in a bad way!And I agree with quarter back,that I do enjoy the 70's and 60's aircraft,but what I'm saying is that TU-144 (which did fly with Aeroflot for a year or two) and B2707 would be a nice addition.And when I say biased to Europeans,I'm saying it such that I just want to know what their line up of aircraft is.


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