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Anyone willing to share their P3Dv5 Settings?

Konrad Bergqvist

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Konrad Bergqvist



Anyone willing to share their graphics settings for P3Dv5? That includes the following:


- P3D Settings

- EnvTex

- REX Skyforce

- Active Sky


I continuously stumble across fantastic imagery on this forum and I'm happy to receive any advise on how to make my sim look equal to one another. Thanks in advance!





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stephen speak

i don't think it's so much settings..but that will have a bearing on it..i think its more system specs..i have a fairly moderate system..self built aorus B450 elite mobo..ryzen 4..3600X cpu..32gb DDR4 2666 ram..MSI sea hawk GTX 1080ti water cooled graphics..with a samsung QVO860 1TB SSD..all run on medium to high settings..P3D V5.3 HF1+ with activesky uk2000 scenery FS Labs A320X..full suite..and vatsim..never missed a beat since i built it in april last year


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