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Not the same old Concorde request, I promise!

Kevin Finch

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Could you include an AI aircraft in the release since none of the AI packs that I know of (I have AIG now, used to use FLAi, had others in the past...) have a Concorde. It's a real downer to be on the tarmac at Heathrow, hearing an ATC call for a Concorde taxi and seeing a 777 (if you're lucky!) pass by as a substitute.

Alternately, if anyone knows of an AI Concorde that works in P3DV4+ and/or MSFS, please respond with the deets.

Thanks, one and all.

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Andrew Wilson

One of our testers on the team has put together an AI Concorde package that integrates very well with our aircraft. We'll certainly see if that's something we can include.

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