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upgrade CPU?

Jonja Merck

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I am currently running an Intel i9-9900K with a BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4. I am looking to potentially upgrade to an Intel i7-12700K. Is this a smart move? Doing the usual flight simming P3D and MSFS. My graphics card is an older GTX 1080 but i do not see myself upgrading it any time soon with the terrible GPU prices...

Thanks in advance!

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Gregory Verba

Hi Jonja,

The general rule is: more cores, better core IPC speed , more smooth but

I think that there are a few things that need to be considered.

Like what monitor are you running. If it is 4K , you are GPU bound and upgrade to 12700K will give you a few more frames.

I think that on low monitor resolutions like 1080p, 1440p 12700K can give some frame rate boost over 9900k cause it brings ~35% more single core performance boost. Thus I think you may gain some performance gain on p3d but probably you will see low gain on MSFS. I think you need GPU upgrade for MSFS. 

Because you mentioned that you are using GTX1080, I think that you are not using 4K monitor. Thus if you feel now that CPU is bounding you on some sceneries, the upgrade may make a sense.

Another thing, you need new motherboard too. Alder lake brought new DDR5 compatibility but you cant really buy DDR5 ram these days.

Of course you still can buy DDR4 LGA1700 motherboard (usually on low models).



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I have a 1440p monitor. Thanks so much for your input!

I do enjoy P3D with FsLabs more than MSFS right now given my GPU is struggling in MSFS. Will update CPU and MoBo first then try for a new GPU next year

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