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I have a dream...

Phil Tereny

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Yep, that would rock my socks off as well :)

Not sure if realizing such simulation is even be feasible in terms of computing and graphics power that is currently available to simmers, let alone the complexity of programming that would be required.

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Lucien Hütter

I would prefer a A380 above a A350, their will be enough time to fly A350 real world routes but the A380 will probably have his last decade in the 20s.

I guess in terms of the Systems the difference between the A380 and A350 won t be so big. 
I hope fslabs will be soon tell us what the A3XX will be.



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6 hours ago, Rudy Fidao said:

I'd rather a slightly compromised simulation than none at all.

Having said that, I'd rather an A380!

I'll probably never understand this obsession with superlative aircraft (biggest, fastest, ...)

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Ross McDonagh
On 11/9/2021 at 9:25 AM, Phil Tereny said:

Just wanted to point out how nice it would be, to have an A350 from FSLabs ^_^



Or maybe a PROPERLY done A330 would be a good wide body start for them since things are fairly similar.  

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Christopher Bourke

A damn good A330 would be the best choice for FSL in terms of difficulty of programming. A much larger aircraft albeit, but the FBW/Airbus infrastructure is already there to make such an aircraft possible as the A3XX. I'm sure we'd all love an A350 or dare even say an A380, but as Dave has said - an exact simulation of all the systems of these aircraft is double, maybe triple the complexity of the existing A320-X, and it might not even be commercially viable since no PC (of the average FSL customer) could reliably run it at, lets say 30 FPS.

As much as I'd love to see an A350 and how I'd likely pass out wherever I was if I saw an announcement, the A330 just seems the most commercially and logistically viable option for the A3XX series because of its  similar framework and cockpit to the A320 to work with. 

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I'd be happy with any of the modern Airbus widebodies including A330ceo. Because, all of them are just so elegant to just even look at. :D


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Christopher Boydell

I’d say A330, A340 and A350 followed but A380.

The only A330 for p3d is aerosoft and has so many issues with it. I started with Airbus through aerosoft and it was so buggy, it was more hassle than it was worth. I then purchased FSLABS version and it is superior in every way. 

There are no A340 or A350 out there for P3D, only Xplane I believe.


Let’s hope the next big announcement is a new Airbus. FSLABS control centre is a huge hassle free for everyone, like PMDG control centre for Boeing products.

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