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Windows 11

Pedro Torres

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Has anyone tried to download the new Windows 11 and if you seen or had any issues with the various P3DV5, FSLabs, and add-ons - I'm waiting until December 2021 while I'm on Christmas Vacation to decide on whether I want to download and upgrade to the new windows 11. I have a 2-year old high end PC and currently I have everything running smoothly with no issues after many months of tweaking, I hate to loose my current setup.


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James Littler

I downloaded and installed Windows 11 last night. I too have a newish PC. Loaded a quick flight at GCLP and went for a circuit or two. Everything seems to be fine at the moment. Only thing I noticed was I had to set up my 5.1 surround sound again.

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Ok James thanks for letting me know - I'm going to wait until December 2021 during my Christmas Vacation (2x weeks) and make the switch to Win11 - and hope for the best. Anyone else care to comment please do, looking forward to see if anyone else may start to see issues with Win11 and our beautiful FSLabs Birds with all of our add-ons.


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peter kelberg

least i  wont  be  installing  it  automatically   since it  says  my  pc  doesnt  currently have  to min  requirements  to  run win  11  even though my  pc  is  only  about  4  year  old,  even  got  similaiar   specs   above  my post

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Mar:kus Czie:gler
7 hours ago, Dave Woycek said:

Why switch now? Win10 will still be around and supported for quite a while. Enough time to let Win 11 settle and have major quirks get sorted out.


You are absolutely right, i also did it almost the same way most of the time when new versions of Windows arrived. But this time i really was curious and wanted to test the new system from the start. And for me Win11 feels more like a big update of Win10, no problems so far (even though i did not a clean install as i normally do, so i am happy with it).

But of course, there is no really need to make the step to Win11 now.




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