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Restore default P3D navigational data

Perry Mattenberger

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Perry Mattenberger

Restore default navigational data

When installing the A320X we are are asked, if we want to update the P3D default navigational or geographical data. (I don’t remember the exact  wording). How can I convert to the default data?

I would like to see, if this interferes with the ability to move any aircraft via the P3D map.

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Stephen Cooke

I do not recall ever seeing the option to replace default navigation a data, only to to replace the outdated magdec.bgl.

This file is located in the sim \Scenery\BASE\Scenery path, I cannot suggest if there is a backup there as it is already updated on my system prior to the FSL install.

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Tom van der Elst

You could also just rename magdec.bgl.beforeA320 by renaming magdec.bgl to magdec.off and then renaming this one by removing the beforeA320.

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Tom van der Elst
Just now, Stephen Cooke said:

Yes, making sure the magdec.bgl is removed in the process.

Have you checked the file location for a backup first ?

There is a backup, at least on my system.

I would think renaming 2 flies might be easier then reinstalling p3d scenery and afterwards reinstalling the A320

as I think they do not install the revised magdec.bgl for the fun of it..

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Perry Mattenberger

I had one in V4 and renamed it. Unfortunately this didn’t solve my problem with the map, where you can’t change the location speed or altitude of an aircraft, as the apply button is always greyed out.

Thanks guys for your help.

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