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DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error and what fixed it for me.

Ray Proudfoot

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I’m posting this here even though I don’t currently have any 64-bit FSL aircraft. There was a post a few months back that helped but I couldn’t post on it as it had been locked.

Here’s what I did. Forgive the reference to PMDG

This morning's test flight from KLAX to KSEA might be significant. For the first time since these DXGI errors started this has been a troublesome route but I was able to fly it without incident. Other flights up to CYVR use the same routing I've not been able to complete in the PMDG without the DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error.

What changes? Well the 'Prefer Max Performance' is still set in NCP and I still have TdrDelay=0 in the Registry. The only change was clearing out DirectX Shader Cache yesterday.

I'm going to clear it out after each flight as part of this testing routine. Whether retaining them is significant will only become apparent after several successful flights - should that happen.

I’ve now completed two troublesome flights without a problem. I suspect I had one or more corrupted DirectX Shader files and deleting them has fixed what was an annoying problem.

Hope this helps anyone else having this problem. DirectX Shaders can only be deleted via the Disk Cleanup process as described here..



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Another successful from LIPZ to LFPG this morning. Although you can clear the DirectX Shaders files using the Windows menu system the files are located at:-


Some may prefer running a batch file to clear the contents rather than the Windows interface. Remember to reboot after deleting them.

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After multiple successful flights without touching the DirectX Shaders folder I removed the TdrDelay entry in the Registry for today’s flight from EGCC to LGAV.

40 miles NW of Zurich I got a DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG message. Entry reinstated into the Registry, rebooted and now continuing the flight.

That entry is the controlling factor as to whether you get this error or not.

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