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Low CPU Usage --> Extremely Low FPS (after BIOS Update)

Daniel Reber

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Hey guys, 

back with a new issue I just cannot find a fix for. Short introduction: 

I had GPU Problems with P3D V5 (any version of it) some weeks ago and I wasn´t able to find any fix for it. I thought, the last possibility to get rid of the GPU issue is an update to my BIOS. I´m using the MSI MEG X570 unify, together with a Ryzen 9 5900X, RTX3090, 64GB of RAM, 2x M.2 SSD (the one P3D is saved on has more than enough free space, the other one too but this one is basically only for my Windows). The whole system is cooled sufficiently and basically, in terms of frames there have never been issues since I use my new PC. Really, I´m talking about never ever, no matter which addon aircraft, no matter which addon scenery, landclass etc. it was just always the GPU issue. 

So then I downloaded the most current BIOS version for my motherboard from the MSI website and installed it. Before I did that, I reset all of my BIOS settings to default (and I unfortunately did not note what my BIOS showed to be resetting, so I now don´t know what was set in the BIOS before the update). Wenn then update went through perfectly fine, there´s no problems with the new BIOS, with the one exception of P3D V5. Using the exact same settings, the exact same version of the sim as before the BIOS update, with both, existing installation AND fresh installation, with all Addons installed or none of them, I´m getting much lower FPS. 

Example: Just tried out with the FSL A320SL at ORBX´s Innsbruck yesterday, I get roughly 23-25 FPS, whereas before the BIOS update I got like 60-70 FPS with the FSL A320 on LOWI Ground. Also the FPS lower during flight. From pushback to the runway they get lower as well. Last time I tried to do a flight, I started with about 32 FPS at PMI (and I´d be totally fine with 32FPS as long as they stayed the same) from MK Studios, using the FSL A320. I noticed first stutters during takeoff at PMI, and after about two hours I touched down at MUC with about 17 (yes, seventeen!) FPS. Looking at the Task manager, I noticed that my CPU load is only about 10% if not even lower. And I know before the BIOS Update it was at round about 40-50% (still, with exactly the same P3D settings etc.). Looking at ressources monitor I can see CPU 0 being at 100% with the other ones having low usage. So I thought it was because of the old P3D engine, single core game etc. and I took out CPU 0 via Project Lasso in first place, and via Task Manager in second place. There was a much healthier spreading in usage between CPU 1 and any CPU onwards that I selected for P3D V5. However, this did NOT change the overall usage of the CPU. Still as low. What I also noticed is that during the loading of the scenario, task manager shows CPU usage as before the BIOS update, but as soon as I can see the scenario with the loading bar having disappeared, the CPU load immediately goes down to what I noted above. 


So, if somebody knows about this problem, how you could fix it, if there is a specific setting I should use in PC programms apart from P3D (like I got the prefer max performance in NVIDIA control panel which is probably rather relating to the GPU), I´d be really thankful if you could tell me so that I can at least take to the P3D skies for a few more months before I transfer to MSFS. 


All the best, 


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