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Stutter and frames drop then go back up.


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Hey folks!

So I'm having this annoying issue with the FSlabs bird only where the aircraft stutter like hell when changing views and when CPU/GPU usage go up and drops down - its an endless stutter cycle that is annoying as helll - wonder if anyone has experience this and if there is a potential solution for it.

Specs are RTX 2080 Super
32GB of ram
AMD Ryzen 5900X

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I’ve had this issue for several months ever since getting the Sharklets.

I do know these are sometimes caused by power throttling so you may want to look at that.


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Craig Phillips

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing the same issue. I thought it was due to my aging machine, as I was only getting ~10fps on average in the sharklets, which is unflyable. But I restarted P3D, and loaded up at the same position in the PMDG 777 and I was getting a solid 30 fps, so it's not the machine. The FSL does seem to be a bit of a resource hog. I shall do some more testing in the non-sharklet versions to see if performance is any better. I don't know if there is anything FSL can actually do, apart from offload the EFB into a stand-alone application, outside of P3D.

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Miguel de gonzalo

Same issue here , it dissapear yesterday , my fix was to turn hyperthreading off for INTEL  or SMT for AMD.

You guys have to definitely try it out.

Tell me if it fix your problem.


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