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Full screen on dual monitor system

Adrian West

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Adrian West

Hi. I have just purchased a second monitor for my flight sim. The plan is to run things like SimToolkitPro, ChasePlane, Active Sky etc on my second monitor while running Prepar3D on the main monitor. I like to run Prepar3D in full screen mode, and when I tried my new dual monitor setup today I discovered that switching to full screen in Prepar3D also forces full screen on my second monitor - and that doesn't work, giving me a black screen on the second monitor. To be clear, both monitors run off the same PC, and I am running Windows 10. Both monitors are connected via HDMI to a GeForce GTX 1080, except that for the second monitor I have to use a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, as I have only one HDMI port on my graphics card. What I want to do is to run Prepar3D in full screen but to have everything on my second monitor in normal windowed mode. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it? 

Many thanks. 

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Alex McCreath

Try this. I’m not near my PC atm but as I recall, on the P3D setup screen where you select screen resolution, antialiasing options etc, there is a small selection box that says “blackout monitor” or something similar. You need to ensure that option is not selected. Regards, Alex

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