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Does anybody know where I can access/purchase CBT courses for the A321?

Marc Stanford

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Marc Stanford

Does anybody know where I can get computer based training programs for the A321? The FSL bus is extremely complex and I'm learning a new thing everyday for the past 4+ years. I've been reading the FCOM/FCTM for years but want a lecture-video style format similar to my college courses but for the A321. I found one for the 777 but I want one for the A321 if not then A320.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Congrats to Lefteris and his amazing team for an amazing product!

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Pankaj Dekate

there are videos on youtube.. there are a few sites where cbt is available to purchase but what i have seen js they offer time limited access. quick google search will get you a couple of sites.

Pankaj Dekate

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Jacob Hanson

Planes Overhead on Youtube has AWESOME content. I highly recommend it. If you're not going to school for the real thing there's no point in buying expensive CBTs.

Start here:

I also used this video from Youtube to study for my type rating... I bet most A320 pilots have seen it...


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