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FPS issue with the FSlabs in 5.2.

Alfie Hughes

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Alfie Hughes

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this, first time having to post in these forums.
Previously in 5.1 I could run the FSlabs very commonly with no issues, was certainly my most FPS heavy aircraft but I could run it most of the time.
Now ever since updating to 5.2 and the numerous issues I've had which are now fixed and out of the way, I've bumped into a strange one with the FSL, I spawn in, FPS is fine and then the FPS just progressively goes down. For example I'll be running 30fps when loaded in and 10 minutes later with no changes in view or actions it would go down to 20fps, and eventually go down to the single digits. I can run the QW787 perfectly fine and the PMDG 777 decently.
I've tried numerous things such as deleting my .cfg, shaders. Note I have installed the latest version of the FSlabs after updating to 5.2. 
Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 1660 Super
16GB RAM @3000mhz
P3D is running on a 1TB HDD.
If anyone has any ideas what's going on here please do let me know. I am trying to avoid a full sim reinstall as much as possible...

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